Краткий довідник сучасного вченого

Symmetry Integrability And Geometry-Methods And Applications


  • Geometrical methods in mathematical physics.
  • Lie theory and differential equations.
  • Classical and quantum integrable systems.
  • Dynamical systems and chaos.
  • Exactly and quasi-exactly solvable models.
  • Lie groups and algebras, representation theory.
  • Orthogonal polynomials and special functions.
  • Quantum algebras, quantum groups and noncommutative geometry.
  • Supersymmetry and supergravity, strings and branes.
  • Cosmology and quantum gravity.


Theoretical And Experimental Chemistry


The Journal links theoretical advances with the development of principles of chemical control. Original articles are devoted to the physicochemical bases, principles, and methods for the development of novel processes, substances, and materials; physicochemical principles of chemical process control and effect of physical factors on chemical reactions; physical nanochemistry, nanostructures and nanomaterials, functional nanomaterials, sized-dependent properties of materials.
Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry is a translation of the peer-reviewed Ukrainian journal Teoreticheskaya i Eksperimental'naya Khimiya.


Low Temperature Physics


The Journal of Low Temperature Physics serves an international medium for the publication of original papers and review articles on fundamental theoretical and experimental research developments in all areas of cryogenics and low temperature physics. Subject areas include Superconductivity; Superfluidity, quantum solids, liquids and gases; Matter waves; ultracold quantum gases, laser cooling; Macroscopic quantum effects and coherence; Magnetism and electronic properties, transport and phonon phenomena at low temperatures; Active areas in condensed matter physics, such as localization, quantum Hall effect and heavy Fermions; Quantum size effects and mesoscopic systems; Low temperature technology that concerns new areas of experimental research, and applications.


Condensed Matter Physics


Condensed Matter Physics contains original and review articles in the field of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics of equilibrium and nonequilibrium processes, relativistic mechanics of interacting particle systems.The main attention is paid to physics of solid, liquid and amorphous systems, phase equilibria and phase transitions, thermal, structural, electric, magnetic and optical properties of condensed matter.


Journal Of Superhard Materials


This journal is devoted to theoretical and experimental studies of the structure and properties of synthetic-diamond and cubic boron nitride single crystals and polycrystals; crystalline and powdered high-melting metals and compounds; high-density, high-tech ceramics; and cemented carbides.
Articles in the journal are grouped under the following headings:

  • Physical chemistry and synthesis technology.
  • Structure and properties.
  • Tools, powders and pastes.
  • Machining processes.
  • Industrial applications.


Ukrainian Journal Of Physical Optics


"Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics" contains original and review articles in the fields of crystal optics, piezo-, electro-, magneto- and acoustooptics, optical properties of solids and liquids in the course of phase transitions, nonlinear optics, holography, singular optics, laser physics, spectroscopy, biooptics, physical principles of operation of optoelectronic devices and systems, which need rapid publication.


Cytology And Genetics


The journal Cytology and Genetics presents papers on broad aspects of genetics, cytology, cell biology and biotechnology. In the field of cell biology and cytology, the following topics are elucidated: cell structure and functions, organization and reproduction of cell structures, functions of normal and pathological cells, use of in vitro culture. In genetics and biotechnology, topics include general and molecular genetics, cell structure and functions, organization and reproduction of cell structures,, genetic basis of breeding, medical genetics, genetic engineering. Some of the subjects covered are genetic structure of populations; cytogenetics evaluations of environmental factors; genotoxic effects in plants, animals and humans; heredity, hybridization, breeding, selection genetic diagnostics, genetic engineering; genome mapping, genetic markers and DNA analysis.


Strength Of Materials


Strength of Materials focuses on the strength of materials and structural components subjected to different types of force and thermal loadings, the limiting strength criteria of structures, and the theory of strength of structures. Consideration is given to actual operating conditions, problems of crack resistance and theories of failure, the theory of oscillations of real mechanical systems, and calculations of the stress-strain state of structural components.
Strength of Materials is a translation of the peer-reviewed Ukrainian journal Problemy Prochnosti. The Russian-language edition is published and copyrighted by the Pisarenko Institute of Problems of Strength of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Kinematics And Physics Of Celestial Bodies


Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies is concerned with the physical, integral properties of celestial bodies, kinematic astronomy and its base, astrometry. The journal publishes original and review papers on such topics as: Positional and theoretical astronomy; Earth's rotation and geodynamics; Dynamics and physics of bodies of the Solar System; Solar physics; Physics of stars and the interstellar medium; Structure and dynamics of the Galaxy; Extragalactic astronomy; Atmospheric optics and astronomical climate; Instruments and devices; Databases and more.
The journal is published under the auspices of the Division of Physics and Astronomy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Journal Of Water Chemistry And Technology


The Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology focuses on water and wastewater treatment, water pollution monitoring, water purification, and similar topics. It publishes the results of research covering a very broad range, including the structure of water and its fundamental properties; chemical, physicochemical and biological methods of water treatment; methods of water analysis; instrumentation for monitoring water quality; and automation and control of treatment processes and systems. Its main rubrics are theoretical principles of water conditioning and treatment technology; physical chemistry of water treatment processes; analysis of natural and wastewaters; water treatment and demineralization technology; and biological methods of water treatment.
Many of the articles originate from the Institute of Colloid Chemistry and Water Chemistry (Ukrainian Academy of Sciences), which is well known for its contributions to the study of chemical and physicochemical water treatment processes.


Ukrainian Mathematical Journal


Ukrainian Mathematical Journal publishes articles and brief communications on various areas of pure and applied mathematics and contains sections devoted to scientific information, bibliography, and reviews of current problems. It features contributions from researchers from the Ukrainian Mathematics Institute, the major scientific centers of the Ukraine and other countries.

Ukrainian Mathematical Journal is a translation of the peer-reviewed journal Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, a publication of the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Powder Metallurgy And Metal Ceramics


Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics covers topics of the theory, manufacturing technology, and properties of powder; technology of forming processes; the technology of sintering, heat treatment, and thermo-chemical treatment; properties of sintered materials; and testing methods.
Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics is a translation of the peer-reviewed Ukrainian journal Poroshkovaya Metallurgiya.


Materials Science


Materials Science reports on current research into such problems as cracking, fatigue and fracture, especially in active environments as well as corrosion and anticorrosion protection of structural metallic and polymer materials, and the development of new materials.
Materials Science is a translation of the peer-reviewed Ukrainian journal Fizyko-Khimichna Mekhanika Materialiv.




Neurophysiology is an international scientific journal. It features a broad, interdisciplinary scope, which covers studies on molecular, cellular, and systemic neurophysiology, functional neuromorphology, neuropharmacology, and neurochemistry. Papers on neuromuscular physiology, neural mechanisms of higher nervous activity and behavior, neurophysiology, medical aspects of neurophysiology, and modeling of neural functions are also accepted. Both original experimental papers and review papers on contemporary problems of neuroscience can be submitted.


Journal Of Mathematical Physics Analysis Geometry


У журналі публікуються оригінальні і оглядові статті за такими напрямками:

  • Математичні завдання сучасної фізики.
  • Комплексний аналіз і його додатки.
  • Асимптотичні задачі диференціальних рівнянь.
  • Спектральна теорія операторів, включаючи зворотні завдання і їх застосування.
  • Геометрія в цілому і диференціальна геометрія.
  • Функціональний аналіз, теорія зображень і операторні алгебри, включаючи ергодичні аспекти.

У той же час Редакційна колегія з цікавістю розглядає статті, в яких зачіпається набагато більш широке коло проблем сучасної математики. Журнал приймає статті англійською, українською та російською мовами.


Problems Of Atomic Science And Technology


Журнал складається з наступних серій:

  • Фізика радіаційних ушкоджень і радіаційне матеріалознавство.
  • Ядерно-фізичні дослідження.
  • Фізика плазми.
  • Вакуум, чисті матеріали і надпровідники.
  • Плазмова електроніка і нові методи прискорення.

Стаття представляється в двох примірниках українською, російською або англійською мовою одночасно з електронною версією статті.